What to Look for in a Commercial Air Conditioning Company

While residential air conditioners are important, commercial air conditioners can be even more crucial. You may have many people at a location, including customers, who want to be in a comfortable environment. Having an air conditioning problem can send customers away and leave your employees in an uncomfortable situation. If you are looking for commercial AC service in Chandler, here are the things you should pay attention to.

Specialized Commercial Service

While many air conditioning companies will claim to offer commercial service, you want one that is specialized in it. Commercial units are different from residential systems and require specific skills to install or repair properly. Choosing a company that is experienced with these things can reassure you that you’ll get reliable service done the right way the first time. It can also help if they often work in other buildings housing similar companies to yours. There’s a huge difference between what a hospital needs and what a warehouse requires.

Written Estimates

As the manager or owner of a business, you likely spend a lot of time worrying about the bottom line. If your air conditioning unit needs a tune-up, repair, or additional units, it can add up quickly. You need to know exactly what kind of price you’re looking at, without additional hidden charges. This gives you the ability to budget as needed to get the work done properly without paying extra out of pocket. Make sure the contractor you use for commercial AC service in Chandler will provide a written estimate with all the information included.

Service 24/7

Emergencies tend to happen at the worst possible times, such as in the middle of the weekend or three or four AM. That is why having a company available who can assist you at any time of the day or night is so important. If a breakdown happens, you want to have the situation resolved and the air conditioning up and running again for the next day’s business. The company that has emergency services is going to be a better option than the one that only works from nine to five. You should also see if there are extra fees associated with late night or weekend repairs.

At Worlock Air Conditioning, we have years of experience working with many types of commercial air conditioning systems. We’d love to meet up with you and explain what services we can provide you. Visit our website at www.WorlockHeatAndACPhoenix.com to learn more.

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