Avoid the Heat With Excellent Air Conditioning Repair in Cleveland Oh

One of the benefits of the Cleveland Oh area is the warmth and sunshine, but too much heat can make a home uncomfortable. Superior comfort systems can help by controlling the temperature inside the house. However, a properly functioning HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system requires regular maintenance and the occasional air conditioning repair in Cleveland Oh. For instance, when the system begins to produce less cool air than it used to, the problem could be a blocked coil or a low refrigerant level.

Annual maintenance can often locate many potential problems, which is why most manufacturers recommend that the AC is serviced before it is heavily used. Typical service steps should include checking the system for mechanical defects, verifying the electronics and cleaning the air handler. The latter often gets overlooked, and this can cause a number of issues including a blocked evaporator coil. This problem develops because condensation is a natural side effect of generating cool air. The moisture then mixes with any dust in the system and accumulates on the coil. The resulting layer of gunk can inhibit the transfer of heat and the collection of cold that results.

Cleaning the evaporator coil is a difficult air conditioning repair in Cleveland Oh because the technician must remove any refrigerant from the appliance in order to remove the coil itself. Once the coil is free, it must be cleaned in an acid bath. The acid removes the buildup of gunk and improves the efficiency of thermal transfer. Another advantage of cleaning the coil is fresher air in the home. Combine this with a thorough duct cleaning and the result is high quality indoor air.

AC repair can be expensive when the fault is in the external condenser. This portion of the appliance works the hardest because the refrigerant is constantly changing states and the condenser forces it into a state that allows the accumulation of heat. Modern air conditioners use the refrigerant R-410A, and this chemical requires a higher pressure than older ones. This means more strain on the condenser and a higher chance of failure if the appliance isn’t properly maintained. Visit A New Image Heating & Cooling and learn more about air conditioning maintenance and repair.

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