Commercial HVAC Company in Portland Offers AC Preventative Maintenance Tips

If you are concerned about your commercial electric bills, you should take a look at your HVAC system. It may be robbing you of profits each month, and you may not even realize it. To help lower your costs, here are some helpful tips from your commercial HVAC company in Portland.


Make sure to clean and inspect the cabinets and condenser coils. Air conditioning systems cool by removing heat from inside and exhausting it to the outside. Heat removal takes place in the condenser unit. If the coils are dirty, the AC cannot properly remove the heat, and this cuts your efficiency considerably. A commercial HVAC company in Portland like MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions takes care of these things as part of your maintenance plan.

Condensation System

Besides removing heat, air conditioners remove moisture from the air. This moisture has to drain somewhere, and your drain system must remain clear. Make sure the drain gets cleaned regularly. A stopped drain can cause a buildup of moisture around the evaporator coils, and they may freeze up like a block of ice. When this happens, your AC system stops working until someone clears the drain and defrosts the coils.

Motors Checked and Lubricated

An AC system uses fans for blowing heat from the condenser coils, cool air from the evaporator coils, and cooled air throughout your business. In warm weather, these fans may run all day long and part of the night. It is important to check all fans and make sure they get lubrication. This keeps them running smoothly and extends their lives.

Air Ducts

If you air ducts are leaky much of your cool air could escape into the crawlspace or behind walls. Your commercial HVAC company in Portland can clean and inspect your ducts. They reseal and make sure you have no leaks.

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