Four Signs a Home Needs Immediate Residential Heating Repair in Claremont, CA

When the cold weather moves in during late fall, it is important a homeowner is able to ensure their heating system will be able to provide them with warmth. Many homeowners have their systems inspected in late summer, so they do not have to worry about its operation when it is needed. Outside of these inspections, it is vital homeowners are able to recognize the warning signs there is impending doom for their system so they will be able to act promptly before further damage occurs.

*       Homeowners need to make sure they pay particular attention to the cycling of their unit. If a unit begins to cycle on and off too quickly or runs on and on without shutting off, there is a problem with operation. It could be something as simple as the thermostat going bad or something more serious. It is important a homeowner has their system checked promptly.

*       If a home’s carbon monoxide tester begins to sound the alarm, it is critical homeowners shut off their heating system and evacuate the home because this could mean their gas furnace is to blame. These gases are tasteless and odorless, so a homeowner would not know there is a leak unless they have a carbon monoxide tester.

*       When the heating system is powering up, it should emit a normal hum. If a homeowner notices a loud banging or clanging sound, this is not normal and means something is wrong with the air handler, motor, or some of the component parts. The heater needs to be shut down and the professionals called in for Residential Heating Repair in Claremont CA.

*       If a system is lacking in its heating ability, it may be time to seek repairs or a system replacement, especially if the heater is an older model and has been requiring frequent repairs.

If these signs are noticed by a homeowner, it is time to seek Residential Heating Repair in Claremont CA. For further information or to schedule an appointment, call Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning. They will be happy to provide you with the HVAC services your system requires so your home can be comfortable all year long.

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