Furnace Repair Tips You Can Use in Your Home

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When it comes to furnace repair, most people would find it easier to hand the job over to a professional. However, it is always a good idea to know the basics of furnace repair in case of emergencies.

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Check the Motor

If the furnace is experiencing difficulty, then the first thing to check is the motor. The motor may just need some lubrication or the belt may need to be adjusted. If the motor is malfunctioning, this will cause the fan to not work properly and produce little to no heat or air. This is also goes for electric furnaces.

Periodic maintenance will guarantee that the motor is in working order and can be fixed in emergencies. However, in more serious cases, the motor may require to be replaced by a professional service technician.

Examine the Pump or Air Control

If the furnace is not creating an acceptable amount of heat, examine the pump as well as the air control instrument. Ensure that the pump is frequently lubricated and checked for performance. Issues dealing with the pump or air control mechanism can lead to low heat production as well as an absence of hot air transmission inside the house. Faulty parts can case the use of more energy than required.  This can also cause substantial damage.

Examine the Air Filter or Gas Burner

An obstructed gas burner or dirty air filters are primary causes of low heat production from a furnace. Frequent examination and maintenance is required to guarantee appropriate machine performance. Make sure to clean the air filter at least every three months. Also, be certain the gas burner is clean and secure so that the furnace is always in proper functioning condition.

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