Signs it is Time for Air Conditioning Service Rochester Hills MI

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

To keep an air conditioner operating properly throughout the hotter months of the year, proper maintenance and service is needed. While getting this done regularly is a good idea, sometimes, maintenance is going tobe needed at other times. Some of the signs it is time to call the professionals for air conditioning service Rochester Hills, MI can be found here.

The House Isn’t Cooling Off

If the air conditioner is turned on, but the home isn’t getting any cooler, there is something that’s not right with the AC and there’s a good chance that air conditioning service Rochester Hills, MI are needed. For most homes, a good gauge for if the AC is working properly is if the temperature falls a minimum of one degree each hour when the system is on.

If the temperature is not falling at this rate, don’t panic just yet. There are several reasons and quick fixes to try. Check and change the filter and remove debris from the outdoor unit. If none of this works, it’s time to call for repairs.

The System is Making Weird or Loud Sounds

The central AC unit and the ducts should not make too much noise. Any sounds that are unusual, such as clicking, squealing, or banging, is an indication that the unit needs to be examined, and in some situations, replaced completely.

A common sound that may be heard from an AC system is a popping noise coming from the vents. This isn’t a sign that repairs are needed. Instead, it means the metal ductwork is starting to expand. If this is annoying, putting insulation in the ducts can help to muffle and minimize the sound.

The Air Conditioner Runs All the Time

This is a sign that the AC system is not the right size and that a bigger unit is needed. This is a common issue that occurs when a unit is old and losing its overall efficiency.

When it comes to a home’s AC system, there are several signs that AC repair is needed. Being aware of this is the best way to ensure that repairs are soughtin a timely manner. Additional information about repair services can be found by reaching out to Business¬†Name or by taking the time to Visit the website.

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