Suddenly Needing Air Conditioning Repair in Greeley CO?

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When the temperature outside is hitting the high 90s and the air seems as thick as coffee, the last thing anyone needs is for the air conditioning to fail. Air conditioners in this modern age have become necessities, not luxuries. A house without a working A/C becomes almost uninhabitable in the middle of summer, and getting along without one is almost unthinkable.

Air conditioners fail for a number of reasons, most often connected to improper use. The more the system is turned on and off instead of being allowed to run through its proper cycle, the more prone it is to breakdown. Electrical control circuits particularly are subject to malfunctions when wires become fouled or corrode. And when these fail, they can cause the electric fan and compressor motors to prematurely wear out. For this reason, control circuitry inspection should be part of any maintenance program when the service technician comes out for his pre-season check of the system. An associated problem is a failure in the thermostat sensors which control the whole system and can cause it to run constantly or run erratically, or not trip over at all.

Air conditioning repair in Greeley, CO homeowners call for whenever the system starts blowing hot air usually involves checking the refrigerant levels in the compressor unit. Usually, the culprit simply is that the refrigerant reservoir has been completely exhausted after successive seasons of usage and has to be recharged. But it often happens that there’s a leak in the coil piping or refrigerant is not circulating properly. When the latter cause is present, the refrigeration cycle is effectively suppressed and will not operate until proper circulation is restored. The cycle can also be disturbed by allowing the coils to become encrusted with dirt, which blankets the pipes and prevents heat transfer. This is an issue with poor maintenance which is at the root of many common A/C problems that otherwise would not occur with regular service.

Before it becomes necessary to call for Air Conditioning Repair Greeley CO homeowners need to keep up a regular maintenance of their A/C systems so that these small problems don’t develop into larger ones. Many repairs can be avoided simply by taking care of the simple tasks needed to ensure a properly functioning system. Advanced Comfort can provide answers to any air conditioner issue and perform necessary maintenance to keep your system operating properly.

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