Three Tips for Controlling the Cost of Running the Air Conditioner in Urbana

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Naturally, the hotter it is outside, the more your air conditioner will work to keep the temperature in your house comfortable. However, your energy bills will be higher as well. These tips can help reduce the cost of cooling your home while preventing the need for HVAC repairs.

Clean the Unit

A dirty HVAC unit will end up working harder to keep your home comfortable because the dirt and debris accumulated by it will reduce air flow and can prevent parts from working correctly. To clean an air conditioner in Urbana, change the filter at least every three months, keep the outdoor unit free from debris and clip the grass around it, and use the vacuum’s crevice tool to clean the vents.

Cover the Windows

During the day while you’re gone, cover the windows to keep the sun from shining through the glass and raising the temperature inside the house. When the sun’s rays shine through glass, they create heat that can cause the air conditioner to cycle on frequently to cool the house. This also wears out the AC faster so as it gets older, it will need to be repaired more often.

Install New Thermostat

Having an air conditioner technician install a programmable thermostat can help reduce your energy costs and prevent repairs. Set the thermostat at a higher temperature when you’re gone for the day and then program it to reduce the temperature before you come home. This will make the house comfortable for when you get home and reduce energy costs by keeping the AC from cycling on too frequently.

Using these tips, your home will be more comfortable this summer but your bills will be reasonable too. If you have further questions about air conditioning repairs, visit Along with repairs, they can also maintain the AC to reduce costs.

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