4 Ways to Save Money with Your Air Conditioner

Energy bills can be one of the biggest costs that we have to deal with in any household. The way that the air conditioner runs can have a big impact on the cost of your utility bill every month. But short of getting pricey air conditioning installations to take advantage of the latest and greatest in energy efficiency, what can you do to make your air conditioner more efficient? Here are four ways to save money on your energy bill, without replacing your unit.

Set the Thermostat a Little Higher

It may take you a few days to get used to the temperature, but raising the thermostat even a few degrees can make a big difference for your energy bills. Not sure how high you need to raise it? A good rule of thumb is to not try to cool your house any more than 20 degrees cooler than the outside weather. Any more and your AC is forced to work too hard.

Clean the Area Around the Unit

Did you know that all those leaves, dirt, mulch, lawn clippings, and other debris around the air conditioning unit can cause it to work harder? The outside air conditioner unit needs to be able to expel all the heat from inside your house outside, and if it can’t do that because debris is blocking the vents, it must work harder. Clear a space at least a foot wide around every side of the unit for the best efficiency.

Clean the Vent Covers

If you have a thick layer of dust settled over your vent covers, then you aren’t getting as much cool air into your home as you could be. Vacuum these so that they are completely unobstructed, and you’ll find it’s much more comfortable. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard, either.

Consider Where Your Thermostat Is Placed

Finally, keep in mind that your thermostat tells your air conditioner to cool based on the temperature around the thermostat. If it’s directly in the line of sunlight, or next to an appliance that gets hot, it could be turning your air conditioner on when it doesn’t need to be. You can move your thermostat to an area more indicative of the overall temperature of the house.

If you want to schedule air conditioning installation, or learn more about how your current unit can help you save money, contact AirMcCall by calling 904-288-6110.

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