AC Mistakes You Ought to Avoid

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Your HVAC system’s average lifespan is 12 years. But it could break down on you a lot sooner if you’re doing any of the following mistakes.

Not knowing the signs

Knowing and recognizing signs that indicate problems and issues in your HVAC unit help. These may include water leaks, thermostat problems, and poor airflow, among other things, Houselogic says. You can put in a call to a professional HVAC repair technician right away.

Installing it yourself

Unless you know how to do it right, insisting on installing the system on your own could lead to a ton of problems. Improper installation could damage your unit or adversely affect the operational efficiency of the system for the long-term. Don’t want to have to deal with those problems? Leave the installation to the experts.

Keeping it on all day

If your AC is running 24/7, then that’s a tremendous amount of wasted electricity, especially if you aren’t home. It may be time to upgrade to a programmable thermostat to save on costs. Also, keeping your AC on all day is going to shorten the service life of the unit considerably.

Not using it

If you’re going to leave home for months at a time, that could negatively affect your HVAC unit. You may need to invest in a Wi-Fi thermostat so you can turn the system on and off remotely. That or you could ask someone to do it for you.

Not paying for maintenance checks

Routine care and maintenance checks help. Pros can monitor the condition of your unit and tell you if it’s time for a repair or part replacement. With regular inspections, pros can fix minor issues and keep bigger ones at bay.

Waiting too long

Call an HVAC repair firm as soon as you see signs of trouble. Early repairs prevent further damage to your system and sky-high bills.

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