Air Conditioner Maintenance in Endicott NY Is Crucial for Elderly Individuals

Family members and friends of an elderly person may need to make sure that central Air Conditioner Maintenance in Endicott NY is done as recommended to prevent breakdowns during the hottest days of the year. For various reasons, summer heat can be harder on people in their 80s and older than on younger persons. They may not even notice they are becoming excessively warm.

The Danger

Most heat-related fatalities in the United States happen to elderly people. Many older seniors who receive medical treatment for heat-related illness didn’t even know they were in danger. Somebody else checked on them and brought them to a medical facility for help.

Routine Air Conditioner Maintenance in Endicott NY is imperative for these individuals for various reasons. They tend to have compromised blood circulation and do not perspire enough to cool down during hot weather. Those with any level of dementia may not understand what is happening. Heart disease puts people at greater risk and so does multiple sclerosis. Medications commonly taken by senior citizens also make them more susceptible to heat issues.

Preventing Illness

During a heat wave, somebody should check in with this individual at least daily. Doing so in person is best. The air conditioner should be running as needed and the thermostat should be set at a comfortable temperature.

If the elderly friend or relative has not been running the a/c and the home is very warm, any signs of heat-related illness should be addressed. That could include a lack of appetite, an upset stomach, fatigue or feeling faint. Cool air and plenty of water can help, but sometimes the person should be brought to an urgent care center.

A Necessity

Air conditioning is sometimes viewed as a luxury instead of a necessity, probably because most people lived without it for such a long time even after central heating became standard in homes. For some individuals, however, it should be considered a critical appliance in the home not just for comfort but for health and wellness. Installation, maintenance and repair work is available from a company such as Fancher Appliance Inc.

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