The Most Common Causes Of Malfunctioning HVAC in Omaha NE

The HVAC system of a home is designed to keep the interior comfortable during the hottest summer weather and the coldest winter storms. When an HVAC in Omaha NE stops working, it can cause a home to become uncomfortable and require the expertise of a trained individual. Fortunately, a licensed repair technician can address the problems and have a furnace working reliably. While there are many different components of an HVAC system, many problems are easy to diagnose. Here are the most common issues reported, and how they can prevent a heater or air conditioner from working as intended.

Low Coolant

An air conditioner uses coolant to help remove moisture and heat from air before it is passed into the duct work of a home. If the coolant levels of the outside unit become too weak, it can cause air to remain warm during use and could cause the compressor in the unit to get too hot and burn out. Be sure to have coolant levels checked if air is not blowing cool, as this can prevent the compressor from needing to be replaced in the future.

Blocked Airflow

If airflow from the HVAC system is not adequate, it can cause a furnace to run more than necessary and have to strain to disperse the treated air throughout a home. The most common cause of an airway blockage is a dirty air filter, though a problem of this nature can develop over time as dust and debris collect on the interior surfaces in an HVAC system. Regular filter changes and air duct cleaning can limit these issues and prevent an air flow problem.

Heating Coil Failure

Even energy efficient HVAC in Omaha NE uses electric backup heat to act as an auxiliary source during extreme cold. Dirt and debris build up, and excessive use can cause a heating coil to fail, and lead to colder than average return temperatures during use of the heat setting in a home. The electric heating element should be inspected annually, and the surface of the coils should be cleaned before being used.

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