Complications When the Furnace in a Residential HVAC System in El Dorado Hills CA Is Too Large

After new homeowners set an appointment with a heating and cooling technician for maintenance on the Residential HVAC System in El Dorado Hills CA, it can be troubling to learn that the furnace is too large for the home. Perhaps the furnace was not installed by professionals but by someone who could be considered a handyman. This generally is not a serious problem as long as other aspects of the installation were done correctly, but it does cause some issues.

Reduced Longevity

The main consequence of an oversized furnace is that it probably will not last nearly as long as one that is better suited for the square footage of the home. This may seem counterintuitive, but correct sizing in HVAC equipment is crucial for longevity. It tends to cycle on and off too often, which causes more wear and tear. It may even turn off before the temperature in the house reaches the setting on the thermostat.

Lower Efficiency

The appliance also will not run as efficiently, so heat bills will be higher than would be true otherwise. Furnaces that are too big tend to run hotter, but safety features prevent them from overheating.

Carbon Buildup

Carbon can build up in an oversized furnace, resulting in one burner running hotter than the other. This means it’s especially important to have a technician from a company such as Golden Aire Heating and Air Conditioning clean the furnace annually to clear away that accumulation. In a colder climate, it probably should be done twice a year, but residents of this region generally aren’t running their furnace most of the day eight or nine months of the year.

Inconsistent Temperatures

A system that’s too big for the house has trouble keeping the temperature consistent in all the rooms. Some may feel too chilly and some too warm. Unless the inconsistent temperature factor is too aggravating, the new homeowners shouldn’t feel that they must have the Residential HVAC System in El Dorado Hills CA replaced right away unless the technicians say so. They will monitor the situation. Visit domain to learn more about one particular organization. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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