Finding a Heating Solution That’s Right For You

Thinking about adding or replacing your home heating system? Without knowing the different types of heating equipment, you may end up with a heater that doesn’t work for you and your home. Researching systems before moving forward with professional heating installation can guarantee you end up with an installation you love. Lucky for you, all of the research on different types of heating equipment is displayed down below!

  1. Boiler

A boiler is exactly what it sounds like it is. Boilers heat water to create steam, which then travels through a series of pipes to distribute the heat to your home. Using natural gas, heating oil, propane, or electricity as fuel, boilers are known to be effective and can last you from anywhere between 15 and 30 years before a replacement is needed.

Pros: Fairly efficient depending on age, popular with zone heating (only distributing to select rooms)

Cons: Professional installation can be pricey

  1. Electric

Electric heating is the process of turning electricity into heat. Pretty straightforward, right? Electric heating doesn’t need any other fuel other than electricity and, on average, is replaced after 20 years or more.

Pros: Rated at 95%-100% efficiency, inexpensive equipment

Cons: Operation cost can be high

  1. Furnace

Furnaces simply heat the air and blow it through air ducts to evenly distribute heat throughout the building. Depending on how old the system is, furnace effectiveness can range from 59%-98.5% effective. Furnaces are also run by various fuels, such as natural gas, propane, and heating oil.

Pros: Very affordable

Cons: The fan that blows the air can be loud

  1. Heat Pump

A heat pump shares some similarities with the furnace in that it heats the air itself. The difference is that a heat pump takes air from outside, and using electricity and refrigerant, the heat pump can either cool or heat your home. Heat pump efficiency outranks all other heat sources, at up to 300%.

Pros: Provides both heating and cooling

Cons: Relies on outside air, so if the air is below freezing, it may take a while to heat up

At the end of the day, your budget may be your deciding factor on which heating system to install. Which fits the budget right now? Which will cost less in the long run? These are great questions that can be answered by a heating and cooling professional. John Weidman and Sons heating and cooling in Ephrata PA, is a highly rated heating, cooling, and fuel delivery service company with over 80 years of experience. Known for their fair pricing, professionalism, and quick response time, John Weidman and Sons will answer all of your questions and deliver exceptional, punctual service.

Heating installation and upgrading are one of the most important things you can do as a homeowner. Make sure you carefully consider all of your options before contacting a professional installation service company. But if you still need a second opinion, talk to a heating and cooling expert, that way, your home can stay warm, cozy, and comfortable all year long.

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