How To Know If AC Repair In Bryan, OH Is Best Or If A Replacement Is Better

During the summer, a homeowner’s air conditioning system becomes their most important appliance. If the homeowner is experiencing air conditioning issues, they will need to decide if they are going to contact a professional in AC Repair in Bryan OH or have the unit replaced. Below are a few tips to help the homeowner figure it out.

How Old Is the Unit?

Most reputable HVAC techs say that the average lifespan of an air conditioner is between 10 and 15 years. If the unit is about to reach its maximum lifespan and is malfunctioning, they should consider having the unit replaced rather than repaired. If not, a repair is the best option.

What Type Of Refrigerant Does the Unit Use?

Starting in 1989, the EPA began phasing out the use of R-22 refrigerant because it is toxic and bad for the environment. If the homeowner’s unit uses this type of refrigerant, they should consider replacing the unit. It can be very difficult for HVAC companies to get their hands on R-22 to fix the unit. This can greatly increase the cost of the repair. Over time, R-22 won’t be available at all. That means these older units cannot be repaired. If the homeowner’s unit uses R-22 refrigerant, they should consider replacing their unit.

How Often Is the Homeowner Calling For Repairs?

If the homeowner finds that they are calling for AC service frequently, there is a good chance the unit has reached its maximum lifespan. Rather than continuing to pay for AC repairs, the homeowner might be better off replacing the unit rather than paying the expensive repair costs.

Is the AC Unit Energy Efficient?

If the homeowner finds an air conditioner doesn’t keep the home as comfortable as it once did, they should contact a professional. In some cases, it is a minor fix. In others, it could be time to replace the unit. If the homeowner finds their energy bills are higher than usual during the summer, the unit could be working overtime to keep the home cool. This is a sign that a replacement is a better option than a repair.

It is important that the homeowner can decide whether they need AC repair in Bryan OH or if a replacement is the better option. For more information, visit website.

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