Prolong the Life of Your Air Conditioning in Palatine

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are no longer considered a luxury item for most homeowners who consider them a necessity in the hot summer months. Although the average air conditioning unit lasts between ten and fifteen years, the life of these systems can be diminished because of a lack of maintenance and care. It is crucial homeowners know the proper steps for caring for their Air Conditioning in Palatine so they can prolong the life of their systems and keep them cooling their homes for many years to come.

Air conditioners that are properly maintained not only last longer, they also provide a greater level of energy efficiency, cooling a home with less energy expenditure. To maintain Air Conditioning in Palatine, it is important homeowners keep their filters clean or change them on a regular basis if they are disposable. Dirty filters can cause a loss of efficiency as much as 15%. Dirty filters prevent normal air flow in the system which can lead to overheating and performance issues. Ideally, homeowners need to ensure they are checking their filters every thirty days or more often during peak usage. This simple maintenance task can save homeowners exponentially in their energy costs.

Another area of concern with air conditioning maintenance is the coils. There are two types of coils in an air conditioning system. Both of these types can become covered in grime which can lead to an improper ability to cool a home. The evaporator coils are located inside, and the condenser coils outside. It is important homeowners follow their manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning their coils. Removing the dirt and grime on the coils will prevent overheating and improve the efficiency of cooling in the home. Those who are unsure of how to perform these maintenance tasks can hire an HVAC professional to perform maintenance on their system each year.

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