Pros and Cons of Heat Pumps Versus Conventional Heaters in Wichita, Kansas

When it comes to heating homes in the winter, there are two popular options: heat pump systems and traditional furnaces. Deciding which type of heating system to employ can be a challenge. That’s why this article lays out some of the advantages and disadvantages of both heat pump systems and traditional Heaters in Wichita Kansas.

Advantages of Heat Pumps

The most notable advantage of installing a heat pump rather than a traditional furnace is its energy efficiency. The increased efficiency of heat pumps can be attributed to how they work. Instead of generating heat, they simply use electricity to transfer the existing heat from one area to another. As a result, no fossil fuels are required at any point in the process.

Disadvantages of Heat Pumps

Despite their more efficient operation, heat pumps can be more expensive than traditional furnaces. Plus, they work best when outdoor temperatures are above freezing. Heat pumps also have a shorter life expectancy than furnaces, which means they will need to be replaced more frequently to continue providing adequate climate control.

Advantages of Furnaces

Furnaces are able to heat homes effectively even when the weather outside is positively frightful. This makes them more reliable in areas that experience particularly harsh winters, although the climate in Kansas is not harsh enough to force heat pumps out of the running. Plus, the initial investment required to purchase a new furnace is significantly lower than that required to install a heat pump system.

Disadvantages of Furnaces

Arguably the biggest disadvantage of furnaces is that they rely on fossil fuels for operation. Those who have access to natural gas typically find that this fuel source is cheaper than oil or propane, but the cost of fuel is undeniably on the rise, so it’s difficult to predict how the affordability of furnaces will fare in the future. Plus, access to fuel can be limited in some areas, so it’s essential that homeowners do some research regarding the infrastructure of their areas before deciding what type of fuel to use.

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Any homeowner who is on the fence between purchasing heat pumps and conventional heaters in Wichita Kansas stands to benefit from consulting a dedicated industry professional. Contact Kelley and Dawson Service for more information that can make a choice a little bit easier.

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