Technicians Providing HVAC Service in Huntsville, AL Explain How to Save Money and Stay Comfortable

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Heating & Air Conditioning

One of the most common questions asked by customers of an HVAC Service in Huntsville AL is what the optimal temperature is for heating and cooling. The household residents want to feel comfortable but also want to cut their utility bills and extend the life of the equipment as long as possible. Technicians will be happy to discuss this topic with their customers.

Generally Preferred Temperatures

Research indicates that, in this part of the country, people generally prefer to keep the thermostat set between 70 and 75 all year round. They’re willing to let the interior temperature get a bit higher than 75 degrees in the summer, but they don’t like setting the thermostat below 70 in the winter. In colder climates, people tend to become accustomed to a winter thermostat setting of 67 or 68 to avoid astronomical heating bills.

Programmable Thermostats

Saving money is also possible when the household sets the thermostat out of the comfort range when everyone will be gone all day or for the weekend. Setting the temperature for five degrees higher than usual for cooling and five degrees lower than usual for heating cuts some of the expense. Technicians who provide HVAC Service in Huntsville AL can install a programmable thermostat that is useful if people in the home keep regular hours.

Ideal Temperatures for Winter and Summer

Ideally, to save energy and money, the air conditioning temperature will be set at 80 degrees when nobody is home for several hours. It can be lowered to 70 or 75 when people are back in residence. Heat temperature could be set at 65 when the home is empty and raised to 68 or 70 afterward. Lowering heat temperature at night for sleeping also is advisable, since everyone can bundle up in some blankets or comforters.

Adding a Whole-House Dehumidifier

Having a contractor such as Corbin’s Your Indoor Air Quality Specialist install a whole-house dehumidifier also is beneficial for keeping the place comfortable during excessively warm weather. Central air conditioning does reduce the humidity to a certain extent, but it has an uphill battle in this muggy climate.

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