The Importance Of AC Maintenance For Your Tucson System

The furnace and AC system of any Tucson home is no typically a focus for the homeowner. That is true until the AC system is no longer pumping out enough cold air to keep the home comfortable, or if it is suddenly making strange noises or continuously cycling on and off and using a lot more electricity.

The truth of the matter is that the AC system can benefit from an annual maintenance service call. This AC maintenance in Tucson by a professional HVAC technician is much more than just changing the filter and making sure the drains are clear, and the area around the AC unit is kept free from debris.

Reducing the Risk of Emergency Repairs and Unexpected System Failures

With an annual AC maintenance service call, the HVAC technician tests all major areas of the system for performance. This includes checking the moving parts of the system for wear and tear. Checking bearings, belts, and lubricating moving parts are essential to reducing the risk of problems, and it also helps to reduce the noise that these parts can produce if they are not correctly lubricated or are no longer functioning properly.

The technician also checks the electrical circuits on the system and how they are controlling the motor. This is essential for correct cycling of the system and to also prevent failure caused by overheating.

Other Checks

The technician provides an overall inspection of the unit, which includes checking the motor, condenser, blower, and the coils. They also check all refrigerant levels and pressures throughout the system when it is operating.

Early detection of any problems during the AC maintenance service call helps to reduce the cost of repairs later on, while also extending the life of the unit.

The HVAC service technicians at Done Rite Services can schedule an AC maintenance service visit to your Tucson home at a time that is convenient for your busy schedule.

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