When to Start Checking Out Air Conditioning Systems in Centreville VA

An air conditioning system is more than just a device for controlling interior temperatures. This major appliance also acts as a dehumidifier and filtration apparatus. Over time, certain factors such as repair frequency, temperature inconsistencies, and age can lead to the need for a new AC system. Buying a new air conditioner is a major investment. The following guidelines can assist a person with the decision on when to start checking out new Air conditioning systems in Centreville VA.

The age of an air conditioner is a major factor in deciding to get a replacement systems. An average AC system is designed to last for 12 to 15 years. When your system is within this range and not working right, it may be time for a new one. However, find out if the system still has an active warranty. Call the manufacturer or seller of the AC system. There may be an extended warranty on the system even if the factory warranty has expired. Remember that an older air conditioner often takes more energy to run and emits more gases than a newer one.

When an AC system had needed more than two major fixes or three minor repairs in the last two or three years, think about getting a replacement. You can try to perform a “patch job”. However, this is not a true repair. Also, the cost of replacement parts and labor charges can be higher than an entirely new system. Again, check on the existence of a warranty before making a decision.

In addition, the degree to which an AC system adequately controls indoor air temperature factors heavily into the decision to get a replacement. Check to make sure the thermostat, evaporator, and condenser are working right. Ensure that proper maintenance has been done. Call a repairman to get an estimate on a repair. This technician can help a customer weigh the advantages and disadvantages of getting a new AC system.

By considering all these factors, a homeowner can make a well-informed decision. It will also enable a person to have control over indoor air. For information on Air conditioning systems in Centreville VA, please visit WoodysSuddenService.net. The specialists at this business can handle services for air conditioning, water heaters, heating, air purification, humidity control, and purification systems.

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