Air Conditioning Systems in Indio, CA Should Be Regularly Inspected

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

One of the last things you want to face in California is an HVAC breakdown. This is why technicians advise that air conditioning systems in Indio, CA receive regular inspections. Proper preventative measures are the best way to avoid any breakdowns or unexpected expenses with your heating and cooling system. Taking the time to check on your AC system is a way to ensure that your residence or business is comfortably heated and cooled throughout the year.

Tuning Up You HVAC

Besides conducting standard inspections, air conditioning systems and heaters should be tuned and serviced. This type of tune-up entails a visual inspection for refrigerant leaks, for example. The airflow is checked for efficiency and the safety controls are confirmed by the technician as well. Technicians also review the general system operations and starting capabilities of the AC or heater. The tune-up also involves checking breakers and fuses while examining the heater’s burner for flame efficiency. The flue pipe and piping of the heater are examined for proper ventilation, and may be adjusted to account for any discrepancies.

Checking Breakers and Fuses

Checking the breakers and fuses on air conditioning systems and heaters is done for reasons surrounding fire protection and prevention.

Nowadays, fuses have mostly been replaced by circuit breakers, or automatic switches that feature compressed springs. A wire is used to keep them closed. If the current in the circuit is sizable, the wires can become heated and expand as a result. In turn, the grip on the switch loosens and the spring pushes open the switch. When a fuse or breaker blows, it is a sign that the current was too much for the circuit to handle.

When you contact an experienced HVAC technician, ask him any questions you have about your air conditioning or heating system. Make sure you gain an adequate amount of knowledge so that you can practice the proper prevention and reduce the need for expensive repairs down the road. View website for experienced HVAC technicians in Indio, CA

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