Hire a Residential HVA Contractor in Alexandria, VA and Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Air conditioning can help people stay comfortable in the hottest parts of summer, but they can be costly to operate. An HVAC unit needs to operate efficiently to keep energy bills low, but mistakes can inhibit a unit’s efficiency. Below are some of the most common mistakes homeowners make with AC units.

Buying the Wrong Size Unit

There are many options available, and there’s one to suit homes of all shapes and sizes. Buying the wrong unit can be a very expensive mistake, and homeowners should ask a residential HVAC contractor in Alexandria VA for advice before making a purchase decision.

Not Having Regular Service

All AC units eventually become less efficient and break down. Diminished efficiency can make them more expensive to operate, but homeowners can avoid these issues by having yearly service provided by a licensed HVAC technician.

Running the AC While No One is Home

Not turning the thermostat off during the day is a sure way to overspend. There’s no reason to cool the home when no one is there, and customers can save on utility bills by setting the thermostat to turn the unit on about an hour before the family gets home.

Blocking the Air Vents and Returns

For an AC unit to work properly, the air needs to flow freely. If furniture is put in the wrong place, air vents can become blocked. To keep air flowing and to save on energy usage and cooling bills, customers should keep air returns and vents free of obstructions.

Getting the Temperature too Low

AC units are designed to keep the indoors at a comfortable temperature, but there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. It is best to keep the temperature fairly constant, and continual use of the AC unit will do nothing but increase cooling bills.

If a homeowner is ready to replace an air conditioning unit, they should contact us to find out how a residential HVAC contractor in Alexandria VA can help. Technicians will take the time to study the home, learn the customer’s requirements and go over all the options. With the team’s help, customers can find a system that suits the family budget.

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