The Challenges of Air Conditioning Unit Replacement in Urbana

A residential air conditioning system will get a lot of use over its lifespan, and sometimes, because of age and because of excessive use, the existing air conditioner will need to be replaced. This can be rather challenging and fairly expensive. However, when it comes to making sure that the home is as comfortable as possible during the warmer times of the year, Air Conditioning Unit Replacement in Urbana is going to be necessary.

Routine Installations

In some cases, the replacement of an old air conditioning system with a new system is fairly routine. Sometimes, a new system can simply be put in place of an old system without a great deal of fuss. This makes the installation time much shorter, and it can also be less costly. However, when these systems need to be replaced, there are often times a few different challenges that will require the services of a professional HVAC company.

New Electrical Wiring May be Required

If the existing air conditioner is extremely old, it is likely that new wiring will need to be installed to provide the system with the proper amount of power. This can be fairly routine, but if a significantly larger system is being put in place, the wiring requirements to safely and properly provide enough power to the system can be a bit more than a standard rewiring job.

Supply and Return Lines

The supply and return lines for an outside compressor unit going into an inside air handler may need to be changed as well. Sometimes, the existing supply and return lines are simply not sufficient for a much larger system. In these cases, wherever the supply and return lines currently exist, those lines will need to be removed, and new lines will need to be run through walls or into the attic area in order to provide proper supply and return flow for the air handler and compressor unit.

How simple or complicated the installation of a new air conditioning unit will be will greatly depend on the old unit as well as the difference in size or capacity of the new air conditioning system. However, with the services of a professional HVAC system, the removal of an old system and the installation of a new system should progress rather smoothly. To learn more about this process, you can click here.

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