Choosing the Right HVAC Unit for Your Home

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Most people don’t spend much time thinking about their HVAC unit in Macon, GA, until something goes wrong with it. When that happens, it might become the only thing on your mind. Since HVAC systems tend to require a large investment, if you need one, you probably want one that will last you for a good long time. We’ll share some tips for making sure you do exactly that.

Investigate Your Ductwork

You’ll want to bring in a professional contractor to inspect your ducts before buying a new HVAC unit in Macon, GA. This is just as important as choosing the right system itself. This professional can ensure your ducts are installed properly and in good condition. If you have breakages or joints that are not sealed correctly, this can lead to a loss of efficiency with the system. The ducts can be insulated and cleared of dust to be better able to efficiently cool and warm your home.

Choosing a Furnace

Even if your older HVAC unit is still functioning, sometimes upgrading is a good idea. The reality is that older systems will not have the efficiency of the more modern options on the market today. When you choose a high efficiency model, you will spend less on energy costs, which can save you money over time. As with other parts of your system, a professional can work with you to determine which is the best for properly heating your home at a cost that falls in your budget. Make sure to ask your HVAC contractor for advice about what sort of air handler to use, which might be single, two-stage, or variable speed.

Selecting an Air Conditioner

Having a high performing and efficient air conditioner will ensure your home is cool in the summer and your air quality is at its best. You want to select an air conditioner that offers a variable-speed scroll compressor. These are going to be far less noisy than those with reciprocating compressors. It’s also an excellent idea to choose one with an aluminum evaporator core. These will be less likely to leak or succumb to corrosion as time goes on.

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