Common Services Offered by an HVAC Contractor in Santa Rosa

HVAC units are commonly used in commercial buildings. Many houses in Santa Rosa are also equipped with HVAC units that can control the temperature within the building. An HVAC unit is a complete solution that provides heating, ventilation, and air conditioning within the space. The other option available to you is to purchase split air conditioners for each room and install a separate heater. Due to HVAC units being so popular, many local companies and contractors have also started offering relevant services. Here are just some of the common services provided by an HVAC contractor in Santa Rosa.

Installing the Unit

There’s a tremendously complicated process involved in installing an HVAC unit. You will need to hire a reputable HVAC contractor to provide complete installation services for HVAC units at a cost-effective price.


While HVAC units are a great choice, they also need to be maintained on a regular basis. You must hire a licensed HVAC contractor to get maintenance work done at least once a year. A thorough inspection of the ducts and the system is necessary to ensure that all filters are properly cleaned or replaced. After a while, the internal air ducts are likely to get dirty. You will need to hire a professional contractor to clean the duct work out for you. If the ducts aren’t cleaned regularly, the efficiency of the whole unit will decline, and the quality of air is also going to suffer. These are just some of the main services that most contractors commonly offer within Sonoma & Napa Counties.

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