Do You Know How to Properly Maintain Heating And Cooling Units in Fort Wayne IN?

The heating and cooling unit of a home are crucial for keeping it comfortable all year long. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know how to properly care for their units, so they end up experiencing breakdowns. Proper maintenance can keep repair issues away and can prolong the life of a system. Knowing the steps of maintenance will allow a homeowner to protect their Heating And theCooling Units in Fort Wayne IN.

The important steps for heating and cooling maintenance involves:

  • If a homeowner wants to care for Heating And Cooling Units in Fort Wayne IN, they need to make sure they change their filters on a regular basis. Most owner’s manuals recommend filters are changed every thirty days or sooner if they become dirty. Checking these filters once a week during periods of high usage will ensure the filters are changed as needed.
  • Each heating and cooling unit combination have an outdoor unit that needs to be maintained. While a homeowner cannot perform all maintenance tasks, they can keep the grass, weeds, and bushes trimmed around the unit, so it does not experience any airflow issues. It is crucial a homeowner checks for debris around and on the unit after a storm so they can keep their unit’s air flowing properly.
  • It is important a homeowner turns on their system a few weeks before it will need to be used each season so they can test it for proper operation. Ideally, one should hire an HVAC professional to come out and inspect their system in the fall and spring so their system can be carefully checked and oiled for proper operation. It is always best to find repair issues so they can be repaired before the system is needed.

A homeowner can do some maintenance tasks on their own but some will need to be carried out by a professional. If you are in need of maintenance or repairs for your heating or cooling system, Contact MJM Mechanical. They are the HVAC professionals homeowners can rely on to ensure their systems are keeping their homes comfortable all year long, no matter the outside temperature.

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