Heat Pumps Work Best for Homeowners in Fort Wayne IN

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In the Turkish village of Harran, there are mud homes which feature tall beehive-like domes for roofs. The people in this region of the world have built their homes like this for centuries and have utilized the beehive dome because of its heat trapping properties. During the hot daytime hours when temperatures can reach over 95 deg F, the domes collect this heat upward, which keeps the inside living space a cool 75 deg F no matter how hot it is outside. And at night, all that collected heat at the top of the dome flows back downward into the living space to keep it comfortably warm even if the outside temperatures are down as low as 32 deg F.

A heat pump does this same job mechanically. When setting one way, the unit soaks up the excess summer heat inside the home to keep everything nice and comfortably cool. While in the wintertime, the setting is reversed and the heat stored in the ground is tapped to warm the home. Heat pumps are of course more sophisticated devices than the Harran “beehive” home, but the basic principle is the same. Contained within the utility closet and connected to underground water pipes which perform the actual heat storage, a properly functioning heat pump can keep a modern home every bit as comfortable year-round as a Turkish mud hut and for a fraction of the energy cost of standard central air systems.

Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning has been a leading area contractor for the installation and servicing of Heat Pumps Fort Wayne IN homeowners can rely upon. With a large staff of experienced, well-trained technicians on hand, they can have a home converted to heat pump climate control within a day or two. The units offered are the latest models in energy efficient heat pump design. Once installed, the functioning of the unit is backed by a service guarantee which covers all possible defects should any occur. And with a schedule of regular maintenance, the heat pump should continue working up to its expected level of performance for many years to come.

So when considering whether or not to switch to a heat pump, call today and find out the cost and energy advantages afforded by Heat Pumps Fort Wayne IN residents have chosen for their own climate control solutions.

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