Eliminate Allergens With Superior Air Duct Cleaning in Loveland, CO

Does the air in the home have a poor quality? Is it filled with old odors from cooking, cleaning, or pets? If any of these issues is present, it may be time to consider Duct Cleaning in Loveland CO. The air ducts come into contact with most of the air that circulates through the building. This allows the system to draw in smoke, odors, dust, and dirt and, eventually, send them on to the air ducts. As the cooking oils and other fumes coat the insides of the ducts, the dirt, dust, dander, and other particulates will stick to them.

The best way to deal with dirty, smelly air ducts is Duct Cleaning in Loveland CO, but this may depend on the contractor that is used. For example, some contractors clean the ducts using a brush while others may use only the reverse vacuum method. To truly get the air ducts clean requires both steps. The brush is used to knock any materials loose while the vacuum system draws them out of the ducts. This may seem like a lot of work, but this task is already demanding, so the extra effort is just another way to ensure that damage doesn’t occur during the cleaning process. One way that this might happen is using a brush system on flimsy air ducts. Unfortunately, low-quality duct materials may collapse if the reverse vacuum is applied as well. To avoid this issue, the contractor may need to inspect the ducts for viability.

Perhaps the most important reason to consider air duct cleaning is allergic reactions. Allergies occur for various reasons, including pollen and dander. If these substances get caught up in the system, they could be there for days or weeks. This compounds the allergies and makes most treatments useless. Eliminating the pollutants from the system is just the first step. The home or property owner will also need to improve the filter system and ensure it gets maintained regularly. Keep in mind that most filters for forced air systems only trap a minimal amount of dust. Better filter systems exist, but even the best of them cannot trap all of these particulates. However, the experts at Poudre Valley Air can reduce their effects with cleaning and filtration.

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