An Increasing Amount of Work for Central Air Conditioning Installers in Scotch Plains NJ

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Hvac Contractor Line

Middle-aged and older individuals can remember when residential central air conditioning wasn’t nearly as common as it is now, particularly in northern states. Many homeowners relied on one window air conditioner or didn’t bother with air conditioners at all. Times have changed, and now central air conditioning installers in Scotch Plains NJ stay busy providing this equipment to homeowners throughout the region.

As of 2010, some 65 percent of U.S. homes have central air conditioners, while 21 percent of homes have window units. In the northeast part of the country, however, it’s more common for people to rely on window models than on central air equipment. They may feel that the relatively short, cool summers don’t pose a need for central air. But interestingly, Midwest residents are substantially more likely to have central air than northeasterners are. That’s even true in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, which are much further north than any city in New Jersey. Northeastern residents are more likely to use room air conditioners than residents of any other region.

Nevertheless, central air conditioning installers in Scotch Plains NJ are increasingly receiving requests from homeowners who want this home improvement feature. Statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration released in 2011 show that 69 percent of New Jersey homes have central air. Most of the systems throughout the country are being installed in new houses, although many people with older homes also decide they want cool air coming through all the vents instead of streaming from one machine in one room.

Homeowners who are interested in getting a central air system installed and feeling the relief this summer may schedule an appointment with a service such as Reel-Strong Heating & Cooling. Having this equipment installed increases the value of the home, which will be of interest if the homeowner ever decides to put the place up for sale. In the meantime, it will make the house substantially more comfortable on oppressively hot days. The residents will feel more energetic, get more accomplished and sleep better when the temperatures are reasonable. Contact visit website for further details.

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