When to Hire a Contractor for New AC Installation in Naples FL

As the warmer weather moves in, the air conditioning units in a home become a daily necessity. This is something most people would not want to go without for an extended period, especially in the Florida summer heat. How does one know it is time to hire an HVAC contractor for a New AC Installation in Naples FL.

Age of Air Conditioning Unit

Some people had lived in a home long enough to know when the last time the HVAC unit was replaced. Since most air conditioning units only last around 10 to 15 years, a new one can save person money by not having to work as hard. Most new units have better energy savings as well.

Air Conditioning Unit Not Cooling

There are several reasons why a persons air conditioning unit may not be cooling. It could be a simple problem such as the air filter is dirty or clogged. It could also be a more complex problem, such as evaporator coils, that cannot be fixed by a homeowner.

Noise Coming from Air Conditioning Unit

Any time there is a noise coming from the indoor or outdoor part of the air conditioning unit, it needs to be turned off. A professional HVAC contractor can determine how serious the noise is. If it is coming from the outdoor unit, the compressor may have gone bad. This is an expensive part to replace. A homeowner may be better off replacing the entire outdoor unit to avoid having any other problems.

Constant Repairs

Patch jobs on AC units can only be done for so long. Eventually, the unit is going to stop working completely. If a person is having to constantly complete repairs on a unit, it is time to look at replacing it. Over time, the repair jobs monetarily add up to the same cost as a new unit that would save money and energy. Making the deciding to replace a unit will also reduce stress from having the unit go out in a really hot time of year.

Once a person decides on a New AC Installation in Naples FL, they should be proactive and schedule the regular maintenance and servicing. Often, this can be paid for in advance, and some companies even offer a discount by doing so. Find more information about this on the website of the HVAC contractor doing the replacement.

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