Three Common Causes Of Insufficient Hot Water From Water Heaters In Fort Collins CO

One of the many conveniences at home is a constant supply of hot water that comes from the water heater. When certain components of this appliance are faulty, the amount of available hot water may be inadequate. Read the information below to learn three common causes of insufficient hot water and when individuals should contact a technician who specializes in Water Heaters in Fort Collins CO.

Faulty Heating Element

There are two different heating elements in a water heater and one of them is the upper heating element and the other one is the lower heating element. When one of these components malfunction, there will be a lack of hot water coming from the water heater.

When the upper heating element malfunctions, the water will remain at a lukewarm temperature and it won’t get hot. If the problem is due to a bad lower heating element, the water will be hot at first, but it won’t be long before the hot water runs out.

Defective Thermostat

Before contacting a qualified professional to replace the thermostat, individuals can do some troubleshooting to determine if the thermostat is indeed faulty. The first step is to check the thermostat setting and turn it up a notch or two in case it’s set too low.

Individuals may also need to adjust the thermostat to a higher setting during the winter months. When the outside temperature is colder, it takes longer for the water to heat up once it enters the water heater from outside.

Tank Is Too Small

Many times the water heater isn’t defective at all, but instead, it’s too small to heat up enough water for the entire household. As families increase in size and children grow up, more hot water is being used than in the past. When this occurs, the water heater is unable to meet the demands of the water usage in the household.

A qualified technician who provides service and installation for Water Heaters in Fort Collins CO can determine the correct water heater size that’s needed for a specific household. After choosing a water heater in the proper size, a technician can install the new unit.

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