Is It Time for an AC Repair in Hoover?

People who live in Alabama know that warmer temperatures and higher humidity can begin during the latter part of spring. With warm weather on the way, now is the time to contact a professional and arrange for any type of AC Repair in Hoover needed to get through the months ahead. Here are some signs that indicate the system does need some attention now instead of waiting until the heat index climbs into the triple digits.

Sluggish Performance

One of the things that the homeowner noticed last autumn is that the unit was beginning to respond slowly. In times past, any adjustment of the controls led to an immediate change. While it was not that big of a deal, it did seem as if it took longer for the system to register the adjustment. Instead of hoping that the lag time does not increase, why not have a professional check the unit now? Doing so could help prevent a more serious issue from developing over the summer.

Difficulty Controlling the Humidity Level

Toward the end of last summer, it seemed as if the system was having more trouble controlling the level of humidity in the house. That led to some areas of the home feeling warmer and somewhat damper than the rest of the place. There is a good chance that the issue will require nothing more than some minor adjustments and, possibly, replacing a part of two. Having the AC Repair in Hoover completed before hot weather returns will certainly make things more comfortable around the house, especially during the August heat.

Unusually High Power Bills

It is natural to expect higher power bills during the summer months, but the expense was more than usual this past summer. In fact, the homeowner noticed that the energy consumed by the heating and cooling system during the winter months has been up somewhat as well. A professional can find out why the unit is requiring more energy and see what can be done to reverse the trend. That will save a lot of money in the months to come.

For help with any type of heating or cooling issue, contact us today. It will not take long to get to the bottom of the problem and come up with a solution.

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