Questions Homeowners Should Ask About HVAC In Omaha, NE

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In Nebraska, property owners discuss maintenance and installation requirements with their HVAC professional. These requirements determine the longevity of their units and how well they operate. The following are questions homeowners should ask about HVAC in Omaha NE.

What Options Provide Heating and Cooling?

Heat pumps and central units provide both heating and cooling. Heat pumps use exterior air to produce comfortable temperatures inside the property. They convert the temperature of the air based on the needs of the property owner. Central units have separate connections that produce these temperatures. For most central units, the heater is operated via gas and electricity to operate the air conditioner. However, select models are electric entirely.

What Maintenance Services are Needed?

The systems need annual inspections to review how they are operating. These inspections also determine if the owner needs cleaning services. These services are used to eliminate debris buildup that could restrict airflow. Allergens and pathogens become clogged into the ventilation system and need to be addressed as well.

How Often Should Filters Be Replaced?

Filters should be replaced at least once a month. However, a technician can review dust and dirt collection to determine if it needs replacing more often. More complex units may need a new filter at least twice a month based on these demands.

Can Pet Hair Affect the Operation of the Systems?

Pet hair can become trapped in the ventilation system. It can also be sucked into the motor of a central unit. For this reason, the homeowner needs more regular cleaning services. The total number of pets that live in the home define how often these services are needed. For example, homes with long-haired cats are more likely to need cleaning services at least every quarter to eliminate unwanted debris.

In Nebraska, property owners follow steps to maintain their HVAC systems. These steps include cleaning and repairs for major components. Unwanted conditions such as clogged ventilation systems interfere with the operation of their systems and lead to service disruptions. Homeowners who need answers about their HVAC in Omaha NE can contact Accurate Heating & Cooling or Visit the Website right now.

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