Reasons to Consider a New Residential Air Conditioning Installation in Charleston, SC

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The current heating and cooling system have been in place for quite a few years. That causes the homeowner to wonder if now would be a good time to invest in a new Residential Air Conditioning Installation in Charleston SC. Here are a few signs that now is the perfect time to call a contractor and start looking at the latest models.

More Frequent Repairs

During the last year or so, it seems that the system needs some type of repair every couple of months. At first, it was minor things that did not require a lot of time or money. The most recent repairs have been more comprehensive and costly. Instead of sinking more money into a system that is obviously on the way out, why not find out what a new Residential Air Conditioning Installation in Charleston SC would cost? In the long run, making the switch now will save a lot of money in repair costs.

Hot Spots in the House

Even with the repairs, some areas of the home were not as comfortable as others. For example, temperature and humidity level was fine in the living room, but the master bedroom was warmer and the air was noticeably moist. Choosing to invest in a new unit and possibly a new duct system will eliminate those hot spots and ensure every area of the house is comfortable, no matter how hot it gets this summer.

Out-of-Control Power Bills

As the unit aged, the monthly power bills have gone up. Not all of the increase is due to rise rates. Comparing the usage information from the same period last year, it’s obvious that the air conditioner is consuming more energy. Choosing to replace the older unit with something new will mean keeping the house cool while consuming a lower amount of energy.

If the homeowner has some doubts about the current unit making it through the upcoming summer, now is the time to call the team at Preferred Home Services. It will not take long to determine what features would be right for the home and keep the client comfortable no matter how hot or humid things get.

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