Reasons You May Need 24 Hour AC Repair Services in McDonough, GA

Sometimes it can be difficult to know when you need to place a call for emergency air conditioning repair service. However, when it is hot outside and you have no cool air coming through your vents, you just may need to get 24 hour AC repair. McDonough, GA homeowners can access providers of round-the-clock air conditioning repair when their AC systems have broken down.

Burning Smell from Your AC
It is never a positive sign when you smell something burning related to an appliance in your home, including an air conditioner, even if it is located outside. Such a smell may indicate that an electrical problem has developed in your AC unit and something is burning or melting. If you do detect the smell, turn your air conditioning off immediately and call for emergency repair service.

Screeching Noise from Your AC
There are a couple reasons why your AC unit may put forth a screeching sound. The more serious problem is if your compressor is functioning at a dangerously high level of pressure. This situation will require you to shut off your AC unit immediately and get 24 hour AC repair to your home as fast as possible. The less serious issue is of the fan belt has come loose. However, the ultimate diagnosis of the screeching noise should be handled by a professional HVAC outfit.

Buzzing or Popping Sound from Your AC
A buzzing, popping, or snapping sound may also indicate an electrical issue has occurred. If you hear this type of sound, turn off your AC unit and get it checked by a professional HVAC expert. Due to the fact that your air conditioner is a complex mechanical and electrical system, it is important to rely on the expertise of the trained and experienced HVAC professional to perform the diagnosis and repair work if needed.

No Cool Air Coming from Your AC
If no cool air or no air at all is coming through the vents from your air conditioner, there may be a couple of issues involved. If the air is traveling through the vents but is not coming out cold, you may have a stalled condenser coil. These condensers can fail if a fuse is blown or circuit breaker is tripped. In other cases, ductwork may be leaking, not allowing cool air to travel through the vent into your living spaces. Or, your AC unit may be low on refrigerant.

If you have an emergency air conditioning issue, contact a 24 hour AC repair specialists serving the McDonough GA area today.

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