Three Common Signs You Need Heat Pump Service in Ocean City, NJ

by | Aug 4, 2023 | Heating contractor

There’s no doubt that a functional heat pump is essential for keeping things warm during cold days. However, various issues can inflict its structure and functioning, hence the need to identify alarming issues and contact experts for service. Below are three common signs you need to schedule a heat pump service.

1. Strange Noises

Heat pumps are designed to operate with minimal noise. If your heat pump is operating with strange noises, calling technicians for heat pump service in Ocean City, NJ, is recommended. They will identify and repair the cause of the noises.

2. Lukewarm Air

Talk to technicians for heat pump service in Ocean City, NJ, if your heating unit is circulating lukewarm air. The issue could be a malfunctioning reversing valve or clogged air filters. Having the issue fixed will make your unit generate warm air as needed.

3. High Energy Bills

High energy bills when heating your interior are another sign you need a heat pump service in Ocean City, NJ. The increasing energy bills are a clear telltale that your system is inefficient, forcing it to use more energy or run for longer hours to achieve the desired conditions.

Your Heat Pump Experts

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