Key Signs That You Require Ductless HVAC System Repair in Aurora

Many people gravitate towards ductless HVAC systems repair near Aurora because of their quiet operation compared to traditional central systems. They come with an outdoor condenser or compressor unit plus one or several indoor handling units.

However, just like central HVAC systems, ductless systems need repair occasionally, and it is essential to understand the signs before it is too late.

Strange noises

Since ductless systems run quietly, it is usually easy to tell when strange, malfunctioning noises occur. Hissing, grinding, buzzing, grinding, ticking, or squeaking noises from the outdoor unit could indicate an issue with the compressor, loose components, or something stuck in the fan blades.


Water stains or pools close to the outdoor system indicate an issue requiring immediate professional attention. It primarily indicates a refrigerant leak but could also mean that your unit is overloaded and requires a replacement.

Warm air

The most common cause of warm air is usually a malfunctioning or wrongly set thermostat. However, if those work fine, you could be dealing with a refrigerant leak or malfunctioning compressor.

Uneven cooling

Sometimes you notice that some areas of your room are cooler than others. Uneven cooling could indicate you got a unit that is too small for your space or a refrigerant leak.

Higher energy bills

One key factor when choosing an HVAC system is energy efficiency. Higher energy bills mean your system works harder than it usually does to maintain comfortable temperatures. That could result in numerous problems, and you should have a professional look at it immediately.

Modern Air Solutions Inc is a family-owned business offering top-rated ductless HVAC system repair in Aurora that residents can rely on. Since its launch in 2007, they have hired qualified, experienced, and highly-skilled employees who use industry-leading equipment and techniques to leave you satisfied with your HVAC performance.

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