Weighing The Costs Of Air Conditioning Replacement

Homeowners in Kauai, as in other areas of the country, have two options when it comes to air conditioners. One is to simply continue to use the old system and repair as needed until it finally fails. The other option is to consider proactive air conditioning replacement before the eventual final failure of the unit.

One the most common questions that top HVAC companies like Island Comfort Air Conditioning in Kauai get from homeowners is about the pros and cons of repair and replacement. By understanding the basic considerations, it is possible for the homeowner to get a good understanding of the benefits of each option and then make an informed decision.

Age of the System

Most air conditioning systems will last approximately 15 years. With routine maintenance, this can be extended, particularly with the newer models and highly energy efficient systems that are not constantly cycling on and off. However, even with a premier system, the cost of repairs and the age of the system is a factor to consider.

Older systems are not as energy efficient as new systems as they do not have today’s technology in place. This means the older systems not only require more repairs, but they cost more to operate. If the system is more than 12-15 years old and the repair is significant, air conditioning replacement is often the most cost-effective option in the short and long term.

Cost of Repair Vs. Replacement

The cost of repair or air conditioning replacement is a not a good indicator of which option is most cost effective. Instead, talk to the technician about the overall condition of the current system, how long it is likely to remain operational, and other repairs that likely need to be considered in the future.

Experienced HVAC technicians can provide general information on the status of the current system. They cannot predict unexpected system failures, but they can let you know if the components in the system need replacing shortly.

Comparing the cost of a new system with the repair, the loss of efficiency and the cost of energy to operate the current system should provide a clear picture as to the best option.

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