3 Benefits of a Tune-Up for the HVAC System in Your Springfield Home

As a general rule, your HVAC in Springfield, MO, has a potential lifetime of 15 to 20 years. How long it will last depends on the quality of the components and the preventative care you provide. In addition to cleaning the air filter and watching for leaks on a regular basis, scheduling a seasonal tune-up will also help you extend the system’s life.

Save More Money All Year

A fall/winter and spring/summer tune-up will ensure the system is operating efficiently. This type of maintenance involves lubricating the blower motor, cleaning the evaporator coils, checking the wiring, and other services. These steps compensate for the normal wear and tear that occurs through consistent use. As a result, your system will operate more efficiently and use less energy.

Maintain a Consistently Comfortable Environment

A poorly maintained system will use more energy to try to keep up with your heating and cooling demands. Even so, you might notice that certain areas in your home feel cold in the winter or excessively hot in the summer. This is a sign that your system needs service.

Keep Your System Operating All Year

An added benefit of preventative maintenance for your HVAC in Springfield, MO, is that there will be fewer malfunctions. Since the seasonal tune-ups will address wear and tear more consistently, there will be a lower chance that components will become faulty or damaged. You’ll extend the lifetime of each part of your system by keeping up with regular tune-ups.

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