3 Reasons for Residential Heating Installation in Claremont, CA

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

A home’s heating system can last for 15-20 years, but that doesn’t mean homeowners should keep the same system for that long in all cases. From simple age to increased energy efficiency, there are many reasons to replace an older system. Below are several good reasons to consider an upgrade.

The System’s Getting Older

Like other machines, heating systems don’t last forever. As mentioned above, an HVAC system can last up to 20 years with proper care, and the thermostat can last at least as long. Although the AC and the heating units may not need to be replaced at the same time, it’s often simpler and more cost-effective to do the whole project at once. Buying a complete system ensures the parts will work in unison and, in most cases, homeowners can save on the cost of Residential Heating Installation in Claremont CA.

New Systems Are More Efficient

Older units just aren’t as energy-efficient as new ones, which means they waste energy and drive up homeowners’ utility bills. A system made more than a decade ago is a good candidate for an upgrade to a newer, more efficient model. When choosing a new system, be sure it meets the Energy Star standard, and ask the contractor to evaluate the home’s ductwork as well.

Zoning System Changes

Older systems are typically composed of one zone for the entire home. That means the unit constantly works to heat the whole home instead of only the rooms that need it most. Instead of taking the whole-house approach, consider dividing the home into individually targeted zones. While a technician may be able to modify an older system to work this way, it is usually more sensible to upgrade to a new, specifically designed unit during Residential Heating Installation in Claremont CA.

Upgrading an aging home heating system has many benefits, and homeowners do it for the reasons listed above, among others. A new, efficient system can help a customer save on his or her heating bill, and it can help to keep more heat inside the house where it belongs. For more information or to schedule installation, call Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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