5 Key Considerations to Make When Locating an HVAC Contractor in Jonesboro

Struggling to keep your cool this summer? The chances are good that it’s not the record-setting temperatures, but a need for HVAC repair and maintenance. On the other hand, you could be in need of a new air conditioner, or you might be building a new home and want to have an HVAC system installed. Whatever the case, you’ll need to locate a professional HVAC contractor in Jonesboro. The following considerations will help you make an informed choice.

1. Experience with Your Situation

One of the first considerations to make when hiring an HVAC contractor in Jonesboro is whether they have experience with your particular situation. For instance, does the contractor generally do maintenance and repairs, but you need a brand new system installed? If so, how much experience does the contractor have with new system sizing and installation. Can they recommend brands? Can they size the ductwork correctly?

2. Can Recommend Dehumidification Systems, Too

Keeping your home comfortable and safe often means using more than just an air conditioner. A reputable HVAC contractor will be able to recommend additional systems to increase your comfort and health, and that may even help with the lifespan of your home itself. For instance, humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be used to improve your comfort, skin health, lung health and more, and can eliminate excess moisture that might encourage mold or mildew growth.

3. Licensed by the State of Georgia

Only work with an HVAC contractor in Jonesboro who is licensed by the state of Georgia and can prove that licensure. If they are not licensed, or cannot prove it, work with someone else.

4. Can Provide an Accurate Estimate But Only in Person

You want to be able to budget for your repairs, maintenance or installation, and that means finding an HVAC contractor in Jonesboro who can give you an accurate estimate. However, that estimate should be given in person, and never over the phone.

5. Watch Out for Bottom Dollar Contractors

As a final note, remember that you usually get what you pay for. A bottom-dollar HVAC contractor is likely cutting corners somewhere, and that will likely cost you more in the long run.

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