7 Tips For Saving Money On Residential Heating in San Dimas CA

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

For most people, heating and cooling represent the majority of their home energy use. This is especially true for people living in areas that experience extreme heat or cold. Consequently, making your heating and air system more energy efficient can give you significant savings on your monthly bills. The following are some pro tips for saving energy on Residential Heating in San Dimas CA.

Tip #1: Check the air filter regularly and replace it as needed. This is important because when your air filter gets clogged with particles of dust and dirt, your furnace will have to use a lot more energy to push air through.

Tip #2: Lower your thermostat setting by one degree to save up to 3% on your monthly bill. Choose the lowest setting that you and your family can live with comfortably and reduce it further when you go to bed or when you leave town.

Tip #3: Use the “emergency heat” setting only when your heat pump isn’t working. If you set your thermostat on emergency heat, you’re turning off your heat pump, which is much more energy efficient than the back-up furnace.

Tip #4: This may seem counter-intuitive, but if you have a fireplace, don’t use it in very cold temperatures. Because your fireplace is open to the outdoors via the chimney, it can actually increase your heating costs.

Tip #5: Check your house carefully for any places where air can get in and seal them off with caulking or weather stripping. Cold air that comes from the outside makes your heating system work hard. Reducing leaks can really reduce your energy costs.

Tip #6: Close the heating vents to areas of your house that don’t need to be heated, like the garage, the attic, or a closed porch that is not insulated.
Tip #7: Protect the environment around your thermostat so that it’s not getting a false reading. Keep windows near the thermostat closed and sealed and keep hot lamps away from it.

In addition to these tips, you may also want to consider replacing drafty windows with more energy-efficient windows that will do a better job of holding in heat. In addition, you want to make sure that you have the right size heating unit for your home. For more information about Residential Heating in San Dimas CA, check out Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning.

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