A Maintenance Checklist for an HVAC System in Watauga TX

It is a good idea for homeowners to hire a professional service provider to offer maintenance and service for their HVAC System in Watauga TX on a regular basis. This professional service will perform a number of tasks, including cleaning the wiring and other mechanisms in the unit. These tasks are ones that can be more challenging for the average homeowner.

However, there are a number of maintenance tasks that homeowners can do to help and increase the efficiency of their unit, as well as its lifespan. Some of the tasks need to be done right away while others should only be done seasonally or yearly. Some of the steps to keeping an HVAC System in Watauga TX healthy can be found here.

Purchase a Higher Quality Filter

There are a number of new, higher efficiency, pleated filters available for purchase. These feature an electrostatic charge that works much like a magnet to grab the smallest particles, even the ones that carry various forms of bacteria.

Once the filter has been replaced, it will have to be changed again within 90 days. However, checking it monthly is important. If it appears clogged and dark, it should be changed. Also, a home that has pets will likely need to be changed monthly.

Check the Clearance around the Unit

It is important that there is, at a minimum, two feet of clearance around all exterior AC units and heat pumps. Each season, a homeowner needs to remove any debris that may have accumulated, such as twigs, pollen, and leaves. When mowing, be sure the lawnmower does not discharge any clippings on or in the unit.

When a homeowner takes the time to perform immediate, seasonal and annual inspections and services, an HVAC system will run more efficiently and last longer. Additional help and information regarding HVAC maintenance and when an issue is serious enough to call in professional help can be found by visiting the website. Don’t allow a system to break down long before it should by investing in regular maintenance and service for the unit. This will pay off and save a homeowner quite a bit of money in the long run.

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