Air Conditioning Contractors in Stafford TX Address Problems With Cooling a Large Old House

by | Jan 6, 2016 | HVAC Contractors

Consider a family that lives in a very large old two-story home. The place might have some 2,000 sq. ft. between the two floors. They’ve avoided having central air installed since moving in, but at least, one family member says he or she cannot stand this any longer. Air Conditioning Contractors in Stafford TX are available to help these homeowners get the right central air system installed for this structure.

There are several considerations with a house of this size, particularly when it was building a long time ago. As long as it has a central heating system, the work should be relatively straightforward. Nevertheless, cooling the entire home with one thermostat may be inefficient and cost more money in utility bills than is necessary. Zoned thermostats provided by Air Conditioning Contractors in Stafford TX may be a better choice. With these devices, the bedrooms can be cooled in the evening to a lower temperature than those parts of the house nobody will be spending time in.

Having only one thermostat that is located close to the central air system also is problematic in a large house because rooms situated far away don’t really have an effect on the thermostat. The temperatures in the home are likely to be uneven since the thermostat will turn off the air conditioning when the room the device is located in reaches the correct temperature. Rooms on the other end of the home may still be too warm.

Technicians from a company such as Sun Air Conditioning & Heating may also need to modify duct work in the home. In some older homes, certain rooms don’t even have a duct going to them, which means no register in the floor or on a wall. Homeowners can feel reassured when they hire this type of organization because the company has received Angie’s List Super Service Award!

Ventilation pipes, ducts, and vents usually can be installed to parts of the house that don’t have them. However, this can be cost-prohibitive, depending on the design of the ventilation system and the size of the house. There will be some choices to make as the homeowners evaluate their budget for the project.

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