Tips for Maintaining the Air Conditioning in Reno

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Air Conditioning

No one likes the idea of facing a summer without air conditioning in Reno area. One way to minimize the potential for a breakdown is to engage in some preventive maintenance. Here are some tips that will make it easier to keep the unit in top running condition at all times.

Using the Right Filters

While changing the filters on a regular basis is important, the type of filter used also matters. It is tempting to pick up one of those less expensive filters at the local supermarket but resist the urge. Instead, only purchase filters that meet the minimum requirements set by the system manufacturer. If the manual that came with the system is long gone, talk with a local contractor about what type of filters to use. While they may be more expensive, they will do a better job of getting rid of contaminants in the air and also prevent damage to the air conditioner.

Invest in a Service Contract

If there is not already a service agreement in place, the homeowner will do well to secure one as soon as possible. Contracts of this type provide plenty of benefits related to the maintenance of the Air Conditioning in Reno. For example, the contract will include a free annual inspection. This makes it easier to determine if there is something that needs to be resolved before it can turn into a major problem. Little things like replacing worn components will ensure the unit runs more efficiently, and those worn parts do not have the chance to cause problems with other components.

Never Put Off a Repair

When something is not quite right with the Air Conditioning but the unit is still working, it is easy to put off calling for help. This is the last thing that the homeowner wants to do. Prompt attention to anything that is adversely affecting the unit will prevent the problem from getting worse. What starts out as a minor issue could turn into a major repair if the owner allows things to continue for a month or so.

For help with any type of problem with the heating and cooling system, call a repair service today. Doing so will make it possible to correct the problem, identify any other potential issues, and ensure the unit continues to function well in the years to come.

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