Choosing and Maintaining Commercial Refrigeration Units in Jacksonville

by | Feb 15, 2022 | HVAC Contractor

When it comes to commercial refrigeration in Jacksonville, FL, there is a significant difference between the refrigerator standing in your kitchen versus the workhorses inside restaurants, convenience stores, and ice cream parlors.


The federal government requires eateries to keep their cold food cold and hot food hot. When a product moves above or below a specific temperature, the food it contains will make people sick. Owners need to keep these pieces of equipment in top shape, replace them when needed, and have them quickly repaired when necessary.


Manufacturers built commercial refrigeration units to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen. Crews will open and close the doors countless times a day, and some models will be wheeled across the floor, into elevators, and onto trucks. When selecting their models, owners, designers, and managers consider all of these conditions and maintenance.


A commercial kitchen might arrange to have a technician do routine maintenance on their appliance’s coils. When coils get dirty, they can increase the power bill because the unit must work harder to maintain temperature. Eventually, the system may fail.


A restaurant owner may have a unit under warranty, but older machines often need new parts. It may be an emergency, so most businesses have repair technicians on speed dial.


Installing a new ice machine or wall freezer takes time and skill. A commercial technician can hook up cold cases, prep tables, and frost tops to ensure they are level and have the correct voltage. For help with commercial refrigeration in Jacksonville, FL, contact ARC Services Group at

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