Enhance Air Conditioning Systems in Omaha, NE with Regular Filter Changes

Unwanted substances such as pet dander, smoke, sneeze debris, exterior allergens, dust, and mold can all seriously affect the health of household occupants. To keep these substances to a minimum, it’s necessary to regularly change air filters. Doing this improves a home’s interior environment and enhances the functionality of residential Air Conditioning Systems in Omaha NE. The following tips assist homeowners with this task.

Locate the Filter Compartment

While most Air Conditioning Systems in Omaha, NE has a filter compartment that is easy to locate, some may not. Typically, the filter section is situated within the blower compartment or in a return air duct. Being placed in either of these places enables return air to be treated through a filter before passing on to the air handler. The owner’s manual provides information about the location of the filter section.

Remove Current Filter

Remove the filter cover. Set the cover and fasteners to the side. Carefully extricate the current filter. Set the filter aside temporarily. Use the hand attachment of a vacuum to suction out the majority of debris from the filter section. Doing this helps improve indoor air quality. It also helps the air conditioner work less to treat interior air.

Clean or Replace Current Filter

A filter is either disposable or reusable. Place a disposable filter outside in a secured bag until it can be taken away. Place a new filter in the position of the old filter. Use the measurements on the old filter to purchase a new disposable filter when necessary. Take a reusable filter outdoors and clean it off. Use a vacuum to remove surface contents. A sponge and household cleanser can be implemented to clean the rest of the filter surfaces. Allow the filter to dry before situating it into position within the filter compartment. Replace the filter cover and fasteners.

As a general rule, it’s advisable to change a filter once a month. However, various factors, such as outdoor pollutants and allergen levels, may require more frequent changes. For information on air conditioner maintenance and other AC services, please Click Here to view website of Accurate Heating & Cooling. This business offers superior commercial and residential services for valued customers.

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