Guide to HVAC Service in Colorado Springs, CO

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Colorado residents expect their HVAC systems to function correctly and keep their homes comfortable all year. They hire contractors for hvac service in Colorado Springs CO to perform routine system maintenance or for HVAC system emergencies. HVAC contractors can have a poor reputation for cutting corners or overcharging customers. Hiring a skilled and reputable contractor is essential for the customer to have quality service work performed. Finding a quality contractor is not tricky if these steps are followed.

Look for Reputation

Ask friends, coworkers, and neighbors about HVAC contractors they have used in the past. Talk about their experiences and if they would recommend that company. Read reviews online from websites such as Google or Angie’s List. Be wary of companies that have a significant number of dissatisfied customers. Get more information by looking at recommended contractor’s websites to read about their experience and any certifications they have earned.

Verify Insurance Coverage

Ask to see proof of general liability and worker’s compensation insurance before allowing any contractor to perform work in the home. A homeowner may be liable for damages if an accident occurs on the property and if the HVAC company is not adequately insured. Protect yourself by always verifying these coverages ahead of time.

Plan Ahead When Possible

Emergencies happen, and if HVAC Service in Colorado Springs CO is needed due to a heating or cooling emergency, the homeowner will probably not have time to extensively research and try different contractors. Make the best choice from the contractors available at the time. However, if there is not an emergency, the homeowner can take their time, talk to several contractors to learn about their service experience, what types of maintenance service they provide and recommend, and build a relationship with a contractor. Try one to perform routine maintenance service to see their quality of work and professionalism first hand.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Once an individual has come up with a short list of reputable contractors, verified insurance, and even hired one or more for a routine service or maintenance request, it is time to decide on the right contractor to hire. By this time, a homeowner will usually have a feeling about which company will do the best job. Choose the right contractor based on all of the information you have obtained.

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