Heating and Air Concerns for Elderly Loved Ones

One day the sun’s blazing outside. The next day it’s covered with the clouds. Let’s not even get into how unpredictable rain can be here! It seems like weather can be all over the place in Jacksonville. Heating and air systems should be maintained so that they are ready to handle anything that Mother Nature throws at them. After all, even with all the unpredictability one thing is certain- high temperatures in the summertime!

This is especially true if you have elderly loved ones. Whether they’re living with you or on their own, without out proper temperature maintenance, they can be susceptible to becoming unwell. The older we get the less well our bodies can regulate our internal body temperatures. In addition, many of the medications that seniors are commonly on are known to increase the risk of overheating. This puts senior citizens in a particularly vulnerable situation. Fortunately, there are ways you can help!

Think Cool

It seems like in Jacksonville, heating and air systems are always going out. Naturally, they are the front line against extreme temperature highs. However, there are other important steps you should take. Windows should have adequate protection from the sun with shades. Also, have them wear light, weather appropriate clothing.


If your senior loved one is prone to forgetting things like getting enough liquid in, you may need to check in on them. A good idea is to prepare color-coded water bottles to make it easier for them to keep track of how much they’ve drunk.

Schedule Regular System Maintenance

In Jacksonville, for heating and air, many of us are mostly concerned with the air part. However, it’s important not to get lax. Remember we’re also prone to sudden cold snaps. That’s why it is necessary to make sure all the components of your heating and air system are working properly. No matter what the forecast says, you want to be ready.

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