Households Rely on HVAC Contractors for Home Heating

Residential heating in 2022 is dramatically different than was the case a century ago. Natural gas pipelines were still scarce, although some homeowners did use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for heating the house with a stove. Today, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors in Missouri most commonly install furnaces that run on either of those two fuels. Qualified HVAC contractors in St. Louis, MO can remove and replace a furnace in a day’s work.

Wood Stoves and Gas Furnaces

Some homeowners still rely on wood heat, but they typically also count on HVAC contractors in St. Louis, MO for gas furnace installation, maintenance and repair service. They set the thermostat to turn the furnace on if the wood stove fire burns out when nobody’s home. This way, they don’t return to a cold house.

Air Pollution Considerations

Although wood is relatively cheap, it has the disadvantage of being a significant air pollutant when burned. Natural gas and LPG are cleaner fuels. Heating with electric baseboards is not only much more expensive, but it likely is generated by a coal-fired power plant emitting many harmful pollutants.

Concluding Thoughts

Before the proliferation of natural gas pipelines and LPG delivery trucks, most homeowners relied on centrally located stoves for heat. Before that, a fireplace served this purpose. The possibility that an entire house could become warm simply by choosing the desired temperature on a wall device would have seemed astonishing.

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